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The White House is a genuine family run traditional real ale pub, it has been ran by the Keig family since 1991.

Initially Neil & Christine oversaw the management of the pub, but were soon joined by son Jamie. Jamie became involved in managing The White House in 1997/8 and later became joint manager in 2003. Matt Leadly became Designated Official in December 2011.




There is a building on this site on maps from the 18th century, when it was thought to be a farmhouse owned by the White family.

The first indications of a public house on the site is from licensing records and it was called the "Legs of Man", the pub was owned by the Corlett family for approximately one hundred years until 1950 when it was bought by Heron & Brearley Ltd and then became a tied house.

During the one hundred years of Corlett ownership, the name changed to "The White House", thought to be associated with the original farmers. Even within the last five years older residents have referred to the road outside as being Whites' Hill.

The original building was two up and two down and was subsequently added to at the side and rear in 1932. This extention formed the concert room on the left, central servery and rooms to the rear together with guest rooms upstairs and hotel was added to the name. The vault was added in the early 1950s.

Below is a list of previous licensees:-

Licensee Period
Corlett Family circa 1850-1950
Joyce Cottier to 1952
Alan Killip to 1961
Charlie & Byra Hannay to 1973
Ernie & Hilda Wright to 1981
George & Lil Royle to 1984
Alan & Veronica Brew to 1988
Dick & Dorothy Blackburn to 1991
Jamie, Neil & Christine Keig to date